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Exam Prep for Slackers

When I was a student at the University of Denver, I did not want to pay for parking. So I parked far enough away so that I did not have to, which meant a ten minute walk to and from campus every day.…


Brain Breaks and Learning New Stuff

  For the majority of my educational career, the end of class went something like read chapter 7 by Thursday and review the questions at the end of chapter review. Getting through the chapter usually took at least an hour, and by the…


Dopamine and Exam Prep (Studying)

  There are four brain chemicals, but I am going to focus on dopamine. Dopamine is the joy of finding things that meet your needs. You know that “Eureka- I got it” feeling? That’s dopamine. Dopamine motivates you to get what you need,…


Studying and Study Breaks: How Long Should Each Be?

      Most of us have mastered the art of cramming. That is, waiting too long and then studying like crazy for that test. We always knew it was wrong. Didn’t need anyone to tell us that we were procrastinating. Should have…


Why Education Should Act Like A Game

    Have you ever read the questions and answers at the end of a chapter in a textbook? All of them? If they were not assigned? Most people have not. I certainly didn’t. Usually I felt good about having read the whole…


Nutrition for Your Brain

 This isn’t science class, but you should really know the basics here. Diet also has a major impact on how your brain functions. The effects that things like sugar, simple carbs rather than complex ones, and lack of omega 3 fatty acids have…


Fake It Til You Become It

I think that standardized exams and job interviews can have similar feelings associated with them. It seems that the exam and/or the interviewer could ask you practically anything under the sun. What I have for you is a video that suggests that our…


Wasted Time

What I want to talk about for a minute is not the huge waste of time, but the much smaller micro moments that each of us more or less wastes every day. I am not talking about the unbelievable amount of time per…


The Problem of Procrastination (and your test score)

  Many people struggle with procrastination in their lives. We should work out more, or eat better, or we need to study for that exam that is weeks away. Many of us struggle with what we know we should be doing, but why?…


The Best Habits

One of the books that I was influenced by in building WhipSmartt was The Power of Habit.  Talking about in in detail would take way more time than a blog reasonably allows.  I will just spend a few sentences on the habit loop…