I think that standardized exams and job interviews can have similar feelings associated with them. It seems that the exam and/or the interviewer could ask you practically anything under the sun. What I have for you is a video that suggests that our non-verbals can govern how we think and feel about ourselves by increasing testosterone and decreasing cortisol (the stress hormone). Which is to say that if you feel unconfident or even scared, if you portray confidence and practice some power poses, it can actually change how you feel about yourself. The old saying is fake it til you make it. Can the body actually change the mind?

Watch this TED talk and let us know what you think. http://www.ted.com/playlists/171/the_most_popular_talks_of_all?gclid=CjwKEAiAs_PCBRD5nIun9cyu01kSJAA-WD-rVooFDcX6bNNF4asqOsK0LNByiVE8mv5agZdxCyJBbBoCZu3w_wcB