Micro learning is the belief that we learn better in many short little periods of time throughout the day as opposed to one big two or three hour block once a day. These periods of time are generally ten or fifteen minutes. This flies right in the face of traditional studying, but I think makes sense. In a short burst, the likelihood that I can focus in an effort to understand one thing a little better seems more reasonable than understanding a variety of concepts over a two hour time period. It also seems likely that my ability to stay focused on what I’m doing will be better in a short time period than in a long one.

Mobile technology makes it much more possible for us to take advantage of these little pockets of time. Whether I’m waiting in line for coffee, using public transportation, or making dinner, there are actually quite a few moments in the day where I have a spare couple of minutes in which I could be productive. Those moments have always existed, but it just wasn’t practical to whip out a book in line at Starbucks. Part of the problem was just that I might not have the book with me while I can’t leave the house without my phone. We think there are things that can be done with these moments besides taking selfies and posting cat videos.