TIME-WASTEDWhat I want to talk about for a minute is not the huge waste of time, but the much smaller micro moments that each of us more or less wastes every day. I am not talking about the unbelievable amount of time per day spent on Instagram, Snapchat, Netflix, fantasy football, online shopping, Candy Crush, and whatever else you are into. Speaking of fantasy football, this is my year. I can feel it.

What I want to talk about are the micro-moments that are in each day. These occur at Starbucks, waiting to pick up your girlfriend/husband/kids from work/soccer/whatever, going grocery shopping, walking to class or work from your car, waiting in line for anything, time spent in your car, and so forth. These little moments add up to a decent amount of time in each day. Probably more than an hour per day if you count time in the car. And what do we do with this time? I see people all day long, on the street and in restaurants, at airports and in big buildings, and they are all looking at their phone non-stop. What the heck are they looking at? You want to know? I’m sure you already do. Emailing, texting, social media, fantasy sports, online shopping, gaming and online dating. If you don’t do any of that then why do you even own a phone? To talk into it? Appalling!

Now, let me take you through the reality for almost anyone preparing for a standardized exam. They are not as ready as they could have been. That’s most of us. Why are they not ready? Because they either have a full time job or are full time students, plus they would like to have a social life or a family life and there tends to not be an hour a day to prepare for these things. Or to do so requires a significant sacrifice. But wouldn’t it be nice if there was a service designed to take advantage of these micro-moments in each of our days? There is, and it’s called WhipSmartt. Whoever thought up this idea must be a freakin genius. Oh wait, it was me and Matt, and we are not geniuses. Anyways, take advantage of the micro-moments so you can move on with your life and do the things you want to do.